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0. Select an adapted diameter bur, for example Largo, and place a silicone stop at the depth established by the x-ray: in this case a number 3 bur equipped with a stop at 12 mm is to be used.   1. Remove completely the Gutta-percha up to 3-4 mm from the root apex.   2. Select the post to be used based on the root canal width, the X-rays and the root canal damages (teeth with little of residual dentine need posts of greater diameter). If the post enters into the root canal with an excessive play, try the next size post.
3. Prepare the side of the post with specific bur at low speed   4. During the root canal reaming, cleanse the canal with disinfectant solution   5. Try the post into the canal, the space between the post and dentine must be the smallest possible
5bis. Cleanse the root canal with physiological solution and dry it by cones of paper and air-blast.   6. Clean the post surface by pure ethylic alcohol or by 32% phosphoric acid gel to remove impurities and contaminating substances.   7. Apply the self-etching primer in the root canal and on the tooth external surfaces external
8. Clean the post from the etching   9. Apply the adhesive primer to the post, wait at least for 60 seconds; then dry it with air blast   10. Dry the excess of primer into the canal by an absorbent cone and air blast
11. Fill up the root canal by self-curing cement or dual-curing using a dental tool at low speed or small dispenser tips available with some adhesive cements.   12. Insert completely the post into the canal with a light pressure   13. Light cure if the cement is of dual type.
1. Choose a reconstruction composite compatible with the cement used. Place the composite gradually, with little additions, using the emerged part of the post as guide.   2. Light cure the cement   3. Follow with the reconstruction of the stump and the following light cure phases, until obtaining the definitive shape
4. Remove the exceeding part of the post by a diamond bur   5. Prepare the stump for the following prosthetic restoration; in order to get the ferula effect, leave at least 1,5 mm of cervical dentin.    
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