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For all clinical requirements
According to the most recent studies about root canal anatomy, Overfibers carried out the analysis of root canal shapes and identified many possible endodontic spaces available before post restoration, allowing the statistical characterization of the different post shapes now available from Overfibers

Polygon Over Post
For canals with non-circular section
Prosthetic Over Post
For teeth with missing or massively destroyed crowns
Endodontic Over Post
For teeth which have a moderate residual coronal structure
Duo Over Post
For flared and ribbon-shaped canals to be used in twos or threes

Which are the reasons for choosing Over Post?

Over Posts are extremely advanced dental reconstruction systems. The constituent material is a reinforced composite which is made up of high strength “S” type glass fiber with a high elasticity modulus for approximately 60%. The matrix is an epoxy resin with a high conversion degree and a high glass transition temperature (Tg).

Their unique physical characteristic is represented by the BALANCED elastic modulus, which is low enough to be close to that of the dentin, and high enough to adequately sustain the restoration.

This characteristic ensures that when subjected to load, the OVERFIBERS fiber post behaves in a very similar way to the dental structure but at the same time, thanks to a greater elasticity modulus, supports the coronal part of the restoration more effectively, preventing the risk of irreparable failures.

Extremely high flexure resistance 1500 MPa

High and balanced flexure elastic modulus 60 GPa

The excellent ratio between resistance and rigidity of the material gives Over Posts excellent resilience characteristics (resistance to impact) whilst at the same time maintaining one of the highest levels of rigidity among glass/resin fiber composites, a great advantage in the capacity to support dental restoration in an adequate way.

Overfibers Over Posts are translucent and allow dental reconstruction to be carried out fully respecting the standards of modern aesthetic dentistry.

Thanks to the particular combination of materials used, they are capable of transmitting the light from the light-curing lamp and favoring the setting reaction of the dual curing cements used in order to secure the post to the tooth.

Passage of the light through an Overfibers post by means of the application of the source (lamp) on the coronal part of the post

As can be deduced from recent literature data*, the surface roughness of the posts is extremely important as this influences the adhesion strength with the adhesive cements used to secure the post in the dental root with evident clinical advantages regarding duration and stability.

Overfibers Over Posts are subjected to a special surface treatment which makes the surface of the posts very rough and therefore microretentive, in order to guarantee an extremely high adhesive force.

They are significantly rougher than any other product analyzed by at least three times.

The professional does not need to perform any type of surface pre-treatment in order to increase roughness, thereby considerably reducing operating times.

*Mazzitelli et al.: Surface roughness analysis of fiber post conditioning process. J Dent Res 2008;87:186-190

Over Post
Conventional post
Fig. 1 :Over Post surface; it is possible to note the high level of roughness of the surface. 100X
Fig. 3 : Surface of a conventional post; the surface is visibly smoother than Over Posts (see figs. 1 and 2). 100X
Fig. 2 : Over Post surface; It is possible to note countless recesses and microretentions for adhesive materials. 1000X


Over posts are radiopaque and generate a clear outline with adhesive cements. The level of radiopacity, obtained with an X-ray, can be compared to that generated by an aluminum sheet with a thickness of two millimeters

The biocompatibility and cytotoxicity tests performed in the laboratory on human fibroblasts in accordance with the ISO 10993 directives, allowed any cytotoxic potential to be excluded and therefore Over Posts can be considered absolutely biocompatible

With their individual blister-pack packaging, Overfibers posts guarantee the highest levels of hygiene.
When trimming of the post head is needed, the shear occurs without fraying, even with high-speed rotating instruments.



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