Hi-Rem Endodontic Post

Zirconia Glass Fiber Post

Hi-Rem Endodontic Post are glass fiber posts with double conical shape.
As Overfibers post surfaces are particularly rough the silanization treatments are an optional.

Hi-Rem Endodontic Post, the Overfibers’ patented fiber post, has the great advantage to be easily removable when it is necessary.

The central longitudinal axis of Hi-Rem Endodontic Post is made of soft polymer macro-fiber, placing in this position doesn’t affect the resistance of the post, because the stresses are minimal (neutral axis).

Clinical Directions

The greater diameter can be found near the point where, on average, the post emerges from the tooth. In this way, stresses are discharged by the more resistant portion of the post, giving a great advantage in the overall strength of the restored tooth;

The clinical advantage of Hi-Rem Endodontic Post

When the teeth have a moderate residual coronal structure or when more than one post is inserted in the canals of the same tooth, the coronal part of the post may interfere with either the residual dental structure or with the other post: the conicity of this portion has the effect of considerably reducing the interference in both cases, improving the insertion of the post, even in teeth with a considerable amount of residual coronal dentin.

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  • 3 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 1
  • 3 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 2
  • 3 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 3
  • 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 1
  • 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 2
  • 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 3

Code: REOP201
Content: 10 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 1

Code: REOP202
Content: 10 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 2

Code: REOP203
Content: 10 Unit – Hi-Rem Endodontic Post # 3

Code: HED201
Content: 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 1

Code: HED202
Content: 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 2

Code: HED203
Content: 1 H-Endodontic Drill # 3

Features Advantages
Highly retentive surface Increases the post / cement adhesion without weakening it with deep grooves
Zirconia glass fiber 80% high flexure strength 1600 MPa
Balanced flexure E-modulus 60 GPa to better stabilize the restoration
Highly Translucent provides esthetics and light transmission
Radiopacity 3.0 mm or 300% Al equivalent
Fatigue Strength 5 Millions Cycles Without Breaking
Sterilization in autoclave 135°C at 2.1 bar for 5 min without any variation of their resistance
Easy to remove safely with absolute certainty and without tooth damages

Hi-Rem Endodontic Post and H-Endodontic Drill are available in three sizes, with color coding for a corresponding use.

Color Code Maximum diameter Point diameter Root part conicity (%) Total length Drill
REOP201 1.60 0.72 0.08 19 HED201
REOP202 1.80 0.88 0.08 19 HED202
REOP203 2.00 1.04 0.08 19 HED203
Hi-Rem Post presentation
Removal of Hi-Rem Prosthetic Post