Duo Over Post

Glass Fiber Post

Duo Over Post are glass fiber posts with conical shape.
As Overfibers post surfaces are particularly rough the silanization treatments are an optional.

Clinical Directions

Duo Over Post are specific For canals with accentuated ribbon section or coronally very flared. To be used in twos or threes in the same canal especially for significantly flared canals in particular in the upper incisors, in the single canal premolars and in the canine teeth.

They allow the spaces occupied by the cement to be reduced in case of significantly flared canals (e.g. retracted teeth or those with cavities round the canal).
Great advantage in the overall strength of the restored tooth.

More information

Code: DOP301
Contents: 10 Unit – Duo Over Post # 1

Code: DOP302
Contents: 10 Unit – Duo Over Post # 2

Features Advantages
Highly retentive surface Increases the post / cement* adhesion
“S” type glass fibers 80% high flexure strength 1500 MPa
Balanced flexure E-modulus 60 GPa to better stabilize the restoration
Translucent to accelerate the activation of dual cements
Radiopacity 2.15 mm or 210% Al equivalent
Fatigue Strength 5 Millions Cycles Without Breaking
Sterilization in autoclave 135°C at 2.1 bar for 5 min. without any variation of their resistance
Color Code Maximum diameter Point diameter Root part conicity (%) Total length Root part length
DOP301 1.50 0.50 0.071 19 14
DOP302 1.80 0.60 0.086 19 14